Team Registration Help

The first step in team registration is to obtain a team membership number. See the Destination ImagiNation web page for instructions on how to obtain a membership number. Once you have a membership number you should proceed to register your team for the Tournament.

In order to prepare the tournament for your team, we need to have you tell us a bit about you. Please fill in as many parts of the form as early as possible. You will be able to make changes as needed. The tournament organizers will hold this information for their use in planning the tournament and will not provide it to any other organization for any other purpose, other than to inform DI Inc of the teams that qualify for the Global Finals tournament.

The first time you sign on, you will be asked for your membership number. You will then be taken to the registration form. You will need to choose a password for your form. You may give this password to anyone associated with your team that may have need to change this information at a later time.

If you come back later to make changes in your information, you will be asked for the password you originally assigned to your team. If you forget the password, you can push the "Forgot Password" button to have it sent to you. 

For additional information, see the NJDI Web Site. If you have other questions, be sure to include your full membership number in your request. E-mail with questions may be sent to

Membership Number

This is the number assigned to your team when your membership was purchased from Destination ImagiNation, Inc. This number will be used to identify your team through all phases of registration and competition at the tournament. The number will be in the form ccc-xxxxx, where ccc is a 3-digit affiliate code and xxxxx is a 5-digit team number. If you purchased multiple team numbers, each of the teams will have a different 5-digit team number. The person responsible for the purchase of the team numbers should allocate a different number for each of their teams and pass this information to the team managers. Note that if a team wishes to participate in multiple challenges, they must have a separate team number for their entry in each challenge.

The affiliate code for NJDI is 131.


You are asked to assign a password to your team data. This will help to keep your team information confidential. When you initially choose a password or if you wish to change the password at a later time, you will need to enter it twice the same. This reduces the chances of changing it to something you don't know due to a typo.

If you forget the password, you can push the "Forgot Password" button to have it sent to you. 

Team Name

The Team Name should be a unique (for your school or organization) name that the team wants to be known by. This name will appear on the Tournament Schedule and will be used in announcing awards. It helps to have a catchy name to avoid problems in identifying teams when there are multiple teams from a school performing in the same challenge. It can also serve to provide your team with an identity.


This indicates the level at which your team will compete. Your team may have team members of all ages, but your level of competition will be determined by the participant in the highest grade level or the participant who is the oldest. This is required to complete registration.

Level Grade Level Age
Rising Stars Pre-School to 2nd Grade  
Elementary Kindergarten to 5th Grade No Student born on or before 6/14/2005
Middle 6th Grade to 8th Grade No Student born on or before 6/14/2002
Secondary 9th Grade to 12th Grade No Student born on or before 6/14/1998
University University or 12th Grade taking university courses  

For additional information, see the "Rules of the Road".


This indicates the challenge that your team has chosen to solve for the competition. Note that the competitive challenges A through E and Project Outreach are only available to the Elementary, Middle and Secondary teams. The non-competitive challenge is only available to Rising Stars teams. If your team has not yet chosen a challenge when you first register, you may indicate this. Please remember to return and change the selection when the team does choose, or if their choice changes during the year. This information is used to estimate the number of competition rooms required for each challenge at the tournament, and therefore the number of appraisers required. This information is required to complete registration, so that the team will be scheduled to compete in the correct challenge.

Team Manager

The person listed here is the primary spokesperson for the team in administrative matters. If the position is shared, a second person and e-mail may also be listed, but only one address is needed. Requests on behalf of the team should always be made by one of the people listed.

A team manager name, phone number and e-mail address are required to begin registration.

Alternate E-Mail Address(es)

Additional e-mail addresses may be specified here to receive announcements related to the tournament and team's registration status. E-mail addresses should be separated by a semicolon (;). This could be useful in the case where the Team Manager may be unavailable to receive and relay information to the team for periods during the tournament season or if the team manager wishes to receive notifications on more than one e-mail address.

Team Members

List the team members, their grade in school and birthdates. Birthdates need to be in the form mm/dd/yyyy. This is used to verify the level chosen for team above. At least two team members are required to complete registration. If a team member competes on more than one team, be sure to list them using the same name on both team registrations. Note that only the first team to list shared team member will be able to make changes to that team member's information. Also note that a team member may only compete on one team in a given challenge. If Rising Stars teams need more blanks, fill in the available blanks and hit the "Save" button below. More blanks will appear.


An undertaking as large as a DI Tournament cannot be accomplished with only the few people who work year-round on the Board of Directors. To accomplish this we ask each membership to supply appraisers for Appraiser Training and the day of the tournament. Once nominated, each appraiser will be asked to fill out a registration form so that we can properly assign them to the tasks required to run the tournament. In order to assure fairness of scoring, each appraiser must be prepared to spend the entire tournament day at their task. In general, this will preclude their being able to view the performance of the team that they are representing.

There is no requirement that an appraiser be a parent of a tournament participant. Teachers, older siblings and friends may all be eligible. An appraiser must be 18 years old and a high school graduate. Some teams have found that retirees from their community may be willing to help out with this task. 

Each membership group is required to supply one trained appraiser per team, minimum of two appraisers, to help out at the tournament. Rising Stars teams are not required to supply an appraiser.

Appraisers may be listed as "Primary" or "Alternate". It is strongly recommended that each membership sends additional appraisers for training, so that they can assure themselves of having proper representation on the day of the tournament in the case of illness, last minute business trip or other scheduling conflict. Clicking on "Remove" will remove that appraiser from the form. All appraisers are expected to attend appraiser training. Primary appraisers are expected to attend the tournament. Alternate appraisers are expected to attend training, but will only be expected at the tournament if the Primary appraiser cannot attend. Again, e-mail addresses are requested for each to allow us to pass them required information. In the case where an appraiser does not have access to e-mail, a member of the team that they represent could provide an e-mail and pass the required information along. It is the responsibility of each Team and Membership to notify Alternate appraisers if they will be needed on the day of the tournament.

Registration will not be considered complete until the appraisers listed with the team registration and have also registered in the separate Appraiser Registration system. Warnings will be given until this registration is complete. Team Managers should make sure that appraisers have their team number when they register so that correct credit will be given to the team for their appraisers.

Save / Submit / Logout

The Save button saves the changes you have made to your data without leaving the form. If errors are found in the data, messages will appear at the top of the form in red. If you used all of the entry lines for appraisers and/or team members and require more, the pressing the Save button will create them, if appropriate. The Submit button saves your registration and submits it to the affiliate to enter the team into their tournament(s). You will then be asked to acknowlege the DI Code of Conduct for tournaments. The Logout button saves the changes you have made and then returns you to the login form. If there are errors found in the data, messages will appear and you will not be logged out so that the errors can be corrected. Your data will not be saved if there are errors on the form. Warnings will also appear in red at the top of the form. Registration is not complete until all warnings have been resolved, but your registration information will be saved to allow the registration to be completed at a later time.