Appraiser Registration Help

An undertaking as large as a DI Tournament cannot be accomplished with only the few people who work year-round on the Board of Directors. To accomplish this we ask each membership to supply appraisers for Appraiser Training and the day of the tournament. Once nominated, each appraiser will be asked to fill out a registration form so that we can properly assign them to the tasks required to run the tournament. In order to assure fairness of scoring, each appraiser must be prepared to spend the entire tournament day at their task. In general, this will preclude their being able to view the performance of the team that they are representing.

There is no requirement that an appraiser be a parent of a tournament participant. Teachers, older siblings and friends may all be eligible. An appraiser must be 18 years old and a high school graduate. Some teams have found that retirees from their community may be willing to help out with this task. 

Each membership group is required to supply one trained appraiser per team, minimum of two appraisers, to help out at the tournament.

In order to match your talents with our needs, we need to have you tell us a bit about you. Please fill in as many parts of the form as early as possible. You will be able to make changes if needed. The tournament organizers will hold this information for their use in planning the tournament and will not provide it to any other organization for any other purpose.

The first time you sign on, you will be given the chance to assign  password to your data. This will allow you to return and make changes or additions as needed. If you forget the password, you can push the "Forgot Password" button to have it sent to you. 

For additional information, see the NJDI Web Site. If you have other questions, be sure to include your full membership number in your request. E-mail with questions may be sent to


You are asked to assign a password to your data. This will help to keep your information confidential. When you initially choose a password or if you wish to change the password at a later time, you will need to enter it twice the same. This reduces the chances of changing it to something you don't know due to a typo.

If you forget the password, you can push the "Forgot Password" button to have it sent to you. 

Other Names Used

If you have ever registered as a volunteer for this tournament by another name, or prefer a nickname, please indicate this in the entry for "Other Names Used".  We try to keep track of our experienced volunteers and want to make sure that we can connect your new registration with your previous records.

Appraiser Address

Provide your mailing address. 

E-Mail Address

Please check this e-mail regularly. E-mail is generally the most often used method of communication with our volunteers. If you don't have regular access to e-mail, you may choose to get e-mail through a friend, relative or the team that you represent. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you have registered successfully.

Phone Number

In case of the need for a last-minute communication or cancellation, we may try to call appraisers. A cell phone would be the best for this, if you carry one.

Request Training Hours

Check this box if you would like to get a certificate for the time spent at the Appraiser Training.

Membership Number

If you know the membership number of the team you will be representing, please put it here. We use this information to link appraisers and the teams who should get credit for their service, if required. If a team nominated you and you registered under the name that they entered, this will be filled in for you. If you don't know the team's membership number,  a "Find Team" button is provided to help fill this in. If you are not representing a team, enter "None".

Conflicts of Interest

Indicate here any Challenge/Level that is being solved by any team that you have a close interest in other than the one listed above. Use the box below to enter any other information that we should use in choosing your assignment to prevent conflicts of interest. Please indicate any conflict that would prevent you from scoring a challenge fairly. Appraisers will not be assigned to work on an appraisal team that will judge a family member.

T-Shirt Size

Every appraiser will be given an official's t-shirt on the day of the tournament. The size information will be used to place our shirt order.

Primary / Alternate

This selection was initially filled in for you according to your team's need. A Primary appraiser is expected to be trained and report for their assigned task at the tournament. An Alternate appraiser is expected to be trained, but will only need to report for duty at the tournament if their team's Primary appraiser is unable. The team manager should let alternate appraisers know if they will be needed. You may change this selection, if you do not feel it correctly reflects your status, but this should be coordinated with your team's manager to insure that they have satisfied any requirement to supply volunteers.


We will attempt to assign you to a position using the preference you give us from below. Assignments will be filled in the order that registrations are received, with consideration given to prior experience.

Preferences - Challenge

Indicate the ranking (1 = most preferred, higher numbers = less preferred) of the Team Challenges, Instant Challenge, the Score Room, or as a general volunteer. Refer to the 2018 Challenge Previews for a description of each challenge. Leaving these entries blank will indicate no preference. Instant Challenge appraisers will almost exclusively be Scoring Appraisers (see position preferences below), but will not know the specifics of the challenge until the day of the tournament. Score Room workers will be primarily performing data entry of the tournament scores into computers. General appraisers might be assigned to any number of other tasks needed to run the tournament.

Preferences - Position

Indicate the ranking (1 = most preferred, higher numbers = less preferred) of the position you would like to have. A brief description of the general duties involved in each position is below. Leaving these entries blank will indicate no preference. Specific duties related to this year's challenges will be provided to each appraiser by the Challenge Master as part of training. Note that the final selection of appraiser for each position will be made by the Challenge Master. An attempt will be made, however, to provide each Challenge Master with people who have a mix of preferences that mirror the number required for each challenge.

Head Appraiser

In most cases, the Head Appraiser is the Challenge Master's representative in the performance room. Some Challenges will be running in multiple rooms, so that Challenge Master will need to split time between the rooms. The Head Appraiser will then run the room. In cases where all teams from a challenge can be scheduled in a single room, the Head Appraiser and Challenge Master will split the duty through the day. Specific duties include:

No Team Manager should be allowed to deal directly with anyone on the appraisal team except the Head Appraiser or Challenge Master. The Head Appraiser will usually be someone with previous experience as an appraiser at a DI tournament.

Appraisal Team Organizer (ATO)

The Appraisal Team Organizer performs most of the "paper shuffling" that needs to take place during the competition day. This requires a degree of organization and attention to detail. Specific duties include:

Prep Area Appraiser

The Prep Area Appraiser is the first person at the performance site that each team will meet. This should be a friendly face to put the teams at ease. Other specific duties include:

Scoring Appraiser

The Scoring Appraiser will score each team that performs. Scoring duties are split amongst the team with no appraiser scoring all of the elements of the performance but all elements being scored by multiple appraisers. Specific duties include:

Structure Check-In Appraiser (Challenge E)

This appraiser checks each structure for compliance with the special rules of the structure challenge. This may include weighing the structure, performing measurements and sometimes evaluation of the design.


This appraiser insures that proper time is kept during the performance according to the specifications of the Challenge. He/She also informs the appraisal team on how well they are keeping to the schedule for the performances through the day.


This appraiser announces the team to the appraisal team and audience. Specific duties include:


In some cases, one appraiser will perform both the Timekeeper and Announcer jobs.


This appraiser must insure that there is limited access to presentation sites during performances.

Data Entry (Score Room)

This appraiser will perform data entry of tournament scores into a specially designed computer program. Technical assistance will be provided by the score room Challenge Master. There may also be some need to run scoring paperwork to and from the challenge performance rooms and perform clarical tasks related to tracking the status of each team's scores.

General Volunteer

There may be a limited number of other jobs not listed above that are required in order to run a successful tournament.

Save / Submit / Logout

The Save button saves the changes you have made to your data without leaving the form. If errors are found in the data, messages will appear by the appropriate part of the form in red. The Submit button saves your data and submits the registration to the affiliate. You will be asked to acknowledge the DI Code of Conduct. The Logout button saves the changes you have made and then returns you to the login form. If there are errors found in the data, messages will appear and you will not be logged out so that the errors can be corrected.